Friday, 16 Nov


i miss singapore. everyone here doesnt know where it is and they think its some third world country where people cant speak english. i wish i actually had a singaporean here to speak in a singapore accent too. i hate repeating myself just cause they cant understand me. i also got into my district yesterday where i met people from all over the world. i have people from brazil and finland and russia and mexico and tonga. its pretty cool and interesting to be in the melting pot of cultures that the MTC has.

my schedule is really tight and im really tired everyday. i usually have 8 hours of class and less than an hour to eat. speaking of food, people here  cant do chinese food…. aiya. salad everyday.

its not that cold these days and i can go out without a jacket now. i went to the provo temple today and it was pretty good. its really big and the experience was good and spiritual. I cant wait to go out to the field.  my branch president is a nice guy. i want laksa! i met some HK elders today and i was grumbling i need some fish ball noodles. haha

hope youre well.

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