Provo – SLC


MTC is going good, i had a excellent devotional last night on being
a focused missionary and i also recieved a letter from my friend chloe in
the mail in which she empahised i need to give my all into the mission all
in one day. I guess if you were praying for help it was answered! I only
have 5 minutes so i cant double type my entry. I also dont need a recommend
to be sent from singapore so its all okay!
Im safely in the Missionary Training Centre. Everything is okay so far,
food is a bit sketchy but i guess i’ll get used to it! their chocolate milk
is very good though but like 400 cal per glass  im trying so hard not to
put on weight so ive been eating salad and oatmeal. ah the price you pay
for wanting to be skinny.

I want popiah and i miss singapore food so much. People here are so nice
and they open the doors for you all the time. its strange but i think i’ll
get used to it (walking through open doors and maybe even opening doors for
people. haha).  I’ve met some cool friends and last night i bunked with a
laos guy and a mexican and they are gonna go on their missions in thailand
and honduras. so thats quite epic.

Its really cold here and i had to bundle up more often than not. I also aim
to rotate my clothes often so i dont have to do as much laundry simply
cause i cant iron. 😀 hope everything is going okay right now i miss you! I
hope everything is going okay.

Take care and be well!

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