MTC – Thanksgiving

Hello everyone!
Im safely here in the training centre and everything is going pretty well.
There are so many kids from different places and its really a melting pot
of wonderful culture. Ive learn a couple of new phrases and i fully intend
to use it one day. haha I’ve learnt how to say “I dont speak french”
french and “I love you” in Haitian creole. While everyone is nice and
friendly, there’s bound to be clashes in personalities but i’ve learnt to
be more patient and understanding.

My zone (group) has people from Finland, Brazil, Samoa, Tonga, Russia,
Mexico, Aruba and a whole bunch of other places so its really exciting have
them all around. My teachers are also really nice and cheerful and they
really try their best to help us feel welcome even though most of us are
really very homesick. Their efforts really makes class fun even though they
are three hours long.. There really is so much to learn here and everyday
brings a whole new experience be it temporal or spiritual and i look
forward to that.

During class this week we had to meet new people we’ve never met before and
try and strike up conversations with them to get to know them better. It
was slightly daunting but it was easier towards the end and it really is
amazing when they warm up to you and start talking to you about their
lives. Such exercises really improve your self confidence and its really
fun too. haha.

I think in the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to travel out of
the sleepy town of provo to salt lake city (YES A CITY AT LAST) for a tour
and sightsee. Im super excited and i hope i get to see Felicia Lee at
temple square as well. I miss having a singaporean to talk to. haha

Days are long and we’re up and about for 16 hours and we only get 8 hours
of sleep every night. However, i’m still not used to it and i still have
trouble getting the full 8 hours. but i hope i’ll get used to it soon.

We had thanksgiving yesterday and we had one of the church leaders, Elder Jeffrey
R Holland to come speak to us! It was amazing and he’s a great speaker and
his presence really filled up the entire auditorium. As it was thanksgiving
he told us to be grateful for the chance to be here and to be grateful for
our families and friends supporting us from all over the world.

On a less exciting note, I miss singapore food already. haha! Its cereal
and burgers here everyday and rice doesnt look like rice and asian food
really isnt asian food.. hahaha its probably a forgone thought but i could
do with a plate of chicken rice from far east plaza. hahaha. I leave Utah
on the 10 of december to Toronto, Canada where more exciting things await.
(especially asian food)

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