Week 2

Hi everyone! i survived week 2. Life is pretty much the same and wont get
any different till i leave for toronto on december 10th. its hard work but
i know its good for me!. This week didnt go so well cause we became quite
over confident in our teaching, but we got brought down to earth by our
teachers. Its a humbling experience and I’m glad it happened here where
everyone is so nice rather than out in Toronto. On a happier note, i
recieved a package from my mom this week and it contained seaweed and some
japanese snacks!!! yessss. it helped me feel less homesick although i could
do with a bowl of meepok. ugh.

I also became district leader this week! this means im in charge of 7
missionaries till we graduate from the training centre. Its a pretty neat
experience but it also comes with a lot of responsibilites but i know its
gonna be good for me cause im learning more things as well. There was new
missionaries who came in today as well. A couple of germans and italians
too! i met a group of missionaries this week who are going to singapore for
their mission and i was super excited for them. i wanted to do like a
travel guide for them but i realised i’d run out of space.

Everyone is nice here and i like the atmosphere. except when my room mates
start farting…. Sorry for the short update but things really are the
same. Im slowly getting the contacts of the people in my group so we can
add each other on facebook when we finish. I also recieved my first letter
in the mail this week!! Super happy as it was such a opportune timing too!

I love all of you!~ (that means please write me!)

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