8 Dec 2012

Hi everyone! I LEAVE FOR CANADA ON MONDAY! (mountain time) This week was
full of ups and downs. It feels good to be leaving but as much as the place
here is monotonous and repeatitive, i will miss it due to the fun times and
companionships I’ve had while i was here. Everyone here is really nice and
you also become a nicer person. While the food is forgettable, i will miss
the free flow of apple juice and chocolate milk (omg my weakness) haha.
This week went pretty okay, we had class but we realised that we werent
really knowing the person we were teaching but rather just vomitting out
what we had remembered. Its key to know the person and adjust the topics
based on his needs. It was frustrating cause its something i knew but
somehow i wasnt applying it. It was a humbling experience and i hope to
remember it in the future.

I’m excited to head to Canada and finally do some grocery shopping and
cooking for my own. I miss everything asian still. hahaha. even vegetables
with oyster sauce will make me happy now. haha its terrible. Mum also sent
me a package full of Prima Singapore premixes and asian snacks and i’m
really looking forward to that. I got my hair cut this week
and……..aiya. you pay for what you get. and it was free so lol.

This week we also said good bye to our teachers and we decided to buy them
cards and sign them. It was great seeing their reactions but honestly they
were amazing and they prepped us so well for the next 23 months. I’ll miss
them! They all have different teaching styles and we each took a bit from
all of them to create our own style. We also had in-field orientation this
week which was an entire day long programme which prepped us. It wasnt
thaaaaat fun but still pretty informative.

sorry for the short entries but cause everyday is essentially the same
there isnt much to talk about. haha lengthier emails when im actually outta
here! whoop

Also, My flight is at 6am on monday morning. halp.

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