Hi everyone! I’m safe and sound in Toronto. Its been a week here and I’m
slowly starting to like it here. Despite not being in a city and being in a
suburb called Markham, I think im getting used to it here.

The accomadation was a shock to me when i first came in. I’m living in a
basement with no windows. My buddy calls it a dungeon and he’s kinda right.
Its pretty big though but its in some serious need of a clean-up. I’m so
thankful for the clean home i have in Singapore. You have no idea how
living in this kinda place wakes up your idea. I’m also super stoked for
the opportunity to go to Walmart and the mall today. i need to do some
shopping. haha.

Living here really teaches you to be resourceful and frugal. we grasp any
meal opportunity we can and the other day i had some colombian food! they
gave us some arepas and some colombian hot chocolate which i was so
grateful for… it was 8pm and that was our dinner. Its not much but we
really savoured it.

My new buddy is from Utah and he’s a swimmer! he does a 50m free in 22.4
secs……..BEAST. hes really tall and his girlfriend is equally tall at
186cm -.- Hes really nice though and hes been helping me out alot.

The people here are kinda strange and i’ve been flipped off and been
bombed a few times for trying to bring people closer to Christ. its sad.
but oh well. lifes like that.

I’ve met people who are suicidal and always depressed and sometimes i
question why im out here but then you meet really nice people who are
willing to talk to you and you see how they change and the sacrifices they
make as they listen to you and it somehow makes it all worth it.

I had real dim sum the other day and i was so so so happy. it was the first
time i used a pair of chopsticks in like a month haha you have no idea how
happy i was to order in cantonese. HAHA. im such a sad case.

The weather here isnt what i expected though..its not that cold. its been
like hitting 4 or 5 degrees which was way higher than what i expected. its
not even snowing.. although it hailed on saturday.. We had a church
christmas party on saturday too and we had to sing some didnt go
that well but whatever the turkey and ham made up for it. Also, there was
this church member who made this dessert which tasted exactly like twix!!
Can someone please make some for me?

We zip around in a 2012 chevy cruze. ugh we were actually supposed to get
BMWs but somehow people though the chevy is more modest. noooooooo. ): I
dont know why though but im really tired every single day. All i do is
drive around and talk to people but at the end of the day im honestly
knackered. I sleep at 1030 and wake up at 630 and i have 8 hours but I DONT
KNOW WHY IM SO EXHAUSTED. even prior to this where i had less sleep and
gymmed and stuff i felt more awake.

oh well. im heading to walmart today and im really excited. THE MASTERCHEF

Im growing so much as a person here and its really incredible despite only
being away for a month. I’ve learnt so much patience already and learnt to
keep my emotions and temper under control. Normally my blood starts to boil
when people are in disagreement with me but this experiences really mellows
me. and im super thankful for family because you never really appreciate
them fully until you’re gone. the finding opportunities also build up your
self confidence and you learn how to really stand on your own two feet.

I look forward to growing so much more during this 2 years. 😀

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