Christmas 2012

Hi everyone! Merry Xmas! I hope everything is going wonderful wherever you
are. Spend time with your family and friends this holiday season and enjoy
it! Thank you for everyone that wished me too!

Im doing well here so far. I’ve met a lot of people and its going good.
We’ve had some interesting people who believe we come from aliens but we
gotta love em all the same. The only thing that isnt getting any love from
me this christmas is the strange insects and spiders that are roaming
around my apartment. One thing the mission wont change is my fear of
insects hahaha.

Today im heading to downtown toronto and im super stoked! FINALLY SOME CITY
LIFE. hopefully i can take some nice photos. Im sorry there hasnt been
photos! the lousy computer in the library doesnt support my camera D:

I’ve also been exposed to different foods and last week i had some amazing
colombian and venezulan foods for the first time! The people were also so
gracious and nice it makes me want to go and visit South America in the

I did some christmas shopping and i bought an Under Armour beanie cause i
uh lost mine somewhere. and whoo its so warm and toasty but.. whoa beanie
hair is the worst. Whenever we wanna buy something we gotta think twice
about it because of the limited money we get.. It’s tough but it teaches us
budgeting and being wise with our money which is definitely a good thing.

We have something called car fast days where we dont drive the entire day
and we just walk around and talk to people. It was tough! we walked 2 hours
to the mall and walked more to talk to strangers and spent another 2 hours
walking home. my feet were so sore that night it felt like dropping off.
Also, it started to snow heavily while we were walking back and my shoes
got soaked. ahh. newbie problems.

We had a wonderful christmas dinner at a members home and we have
leftovers! im so pleased haha. its the little things that make things

Another great thing to mention was that i had my first baptism this week!
its this girl called mary and we found her at the bustop and she was
interested in drawing closer to Christ. The amazing thing about missionary
work is that you see the things people give up to build up their faith in
someone they cant see and dont know personally and you see how they become
happier by it and its moments like this that make it worthwhile. I mean,
you have frustrating moments and times when you wanna pull your hair out
and question whether this is actually the right thing to but its times like
this baptism that really grow you and make you a better person.

Anyway, i hope everyone is well! i miss all of you 🙂 Happy

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