Temperature -14 C

Hi everyone! since last week when i was complaining it wasnt snowing and it
wasnt cold, the weather suddenly became frrrrrreaking freezing. it hit -14
last night and its been snowing buckets and i’ve been shoveling like a mad
person. i’m glad i have a good coat that keeps me really warm though. i’ve
also been playing around with the snow and throwing random snowballs and
acting like a little kid. hahaha

I went to downtown toronto last week and i was so happy to be back in the
city. i miss the skyscrapers and cars and taxis and the hustle and bustle.
Ah i wonder if i will ever get the city kid outta me.. probably not 😀 I
went to the place called Harry Rosen and it was awesome! my friend got a
Canada Goose down coat which cost 800 dollars. i was super tempted to buy
it but…..800 dollars kinda made me think twice…or thrice.. there was
tons of other good stuff there though!

We also went to this bargain stall called honest eds where ties were
selling for 3 dollars. Obviously they arent your hermes or armani but it
was really good value so i picked out 3! 🙂 first real purchase in canada.
They’re lots of stuff i like to buy here like all the new era ballcaps and
random shirts and tshirts but im really budgeting my money so i try not to
buy unecessary things.

In other news, I kinda hurt my achilles tendon by trying to be hercules and
carry an elliptical trainer up 3 flights of stairs. We were provided
service for this member who had multiple scerlosis (spelling) and couldnt
use the left side of his body. Normally i’d be complaining about it but i
guess looking back there are people worse off than me so i shouldnt really
make a big hoo-ha over it.

I run into problems communicating with some of the americans here.. i
sometimes say things that they dont understand. like they dont use plaster,
they use bandaid. and they dont say rubber they say eraser and they dont
say car park they say parking lot and they dont use the word “nice”
describe food……………

I have lots to learn. -.-

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