Hi everyone!

Its already a week into 2013 and i’m still living in 2012. Isnt it annoying
that you keep writing the dates wrong on documents? haha

anyway, this week was pretty good although it didnt start that well. haha
we had zone training last week and we were supposed to be there by 0845 and
on the day itself, my buddy and i completely lost track of time. we were
reading our stuff in our apartment when suddenly i remembered the time. (it
was 0842). several exclaimations later, we grabbed our coats and flew out
of the house driving on the freeway like mad animals. Needless to say, we
were late and of course when it rains, it pours. we were the last ones
there and the mission president decided it would be great to attend our
training that day.


Aside from that, we had a good training!! the zone leaders showed us new
finding methods and how to effectively use our time. They taught us a 10×10
method that when we visit someones home, we should also knock on the doors
of the 10 houses to their left and right. I didnt think much of it but
after trying it out, im truely a convert now. haha we found 4 potential
investigators and we totally maximsed and saved time as well. Its amazing
how you can kill so many birds with a single drive. This is especially
helpful since we are allocated only 2000km to drive each month. ): We set a
goal as a zone (20 of us) to get 80 new people to talk to by the end of
january and that is something im really stoked for..

Another highlight of the week was finally getting my Mum’s package! I tore
the packaging open and in it so much heaven sent things!! i had MILO and
seaweed and japanese crackers and prima taste laksa and nissin cup noodles
and….KAYA. *does a happy dance* and another great thing is that my
housemate doesnt like asian food so…..ITS ALL MINE. heh. i literally have
been eating the kaya everyday for breakfast. haha. 😀 :D.

We’ve been doing alot of service for others this week. We helped a
handicapped church member move desks and his furniture and basically helped
him redecorate his house. we also finished up installing a stair railing
and i got to use a drill for the first time! of course my woodwork skills
arent much to be desired but it was really fun. haha. In appreciation, he
also brought us to this place called liberty burgers on main street. It was
so goooood. Although the burgers in London were much better, i’m not
complaining especially since it was free. haha. We also taught english to a
whole bunch of non native english speakers on saturday and that was
exciting too. I thought them some chinese new year terms and they really
enjoyed it! (Finally someone who understands what peking duck means)

Its been getting warmer and i’m so thankful. The snow has been melting and
they are more people walking on the streets now. The last month its been a
ghost town here in markham because everyone is in hibernation back in their
houses. Finally the place has some much needed life. haha i need it to stay
sane. haha

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and still
keeping to your new year resolutions!!

Take care

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