A Lesson Learnt


its week 5 that means its 1 more week till transfers! Im super excited. i
heard rumours i might get moved to mandarin work where i’ll be talking to
people and conversing in mandarin. haha i dont know whether to be overjoyed
or scared but needless to say i’ll take whatever that comes!

This week was rough and really frustrating. We knocked on peoples doors all
week because we felt we needed to find more and man it was hard. I’ve never
gotten yelled at and rejected and turned down so many times in my life. It
came to a point where i just sat down on the sidewalk and wondered what was
the point in all of this. Like it felt so pointless and it was honestly
super depressing. Like everything wrong that could happen happened. It was
terrible! I felt scared to knock and talk to people cause i didnt want to
be scolded and talked down to.

We were in church and there was a 16 year old girl sharing a message and
she quoted from a talk by Thomas S Monson entitled Living an Abundant Life.

In it, it said that we should have a positive attitude to life. We can
choose to be happy and we each have a choice on how we wanna live our
lives. It also said we have to believe in ourselves in whatever we do and
we must have the necessary and appropriate confidence and not let anyone or
anything hold us back.

And lastly, we need to have courage. Whatever we do, we need courage
because there will be someone that tells us that we are wrong, that we dont
know anything. We need to get through the hard times to come out on top.
And instead of asking “Why bother?” we should be asking “why

As cliche as it sounds i felt as it was talking directly to me. I looked
back on the week and i kinda realise i’ve been kinda wimpy and stopped
beliving in myself and what i was doing. It made me wanna change and
improve on myself in the following weeks.

It was a really tough week,probably the hardest mentally so far but i’m
glad it happened and i’m glad i heard that talk. I’ve read that talk before
but honestly it didnt really click till now. I had to actually have the
experience of being knocked back on my bum before it actually
sounded relevant to me.

I hope next week will be better than this week but if it isnt at least i
know that i’m doing something good and i shouldnt feel like dirt just
because people tell me otherwise.

I hope everyone is doing well wherever you are 😀

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