In the service of others..

Hi Everyone!!

So the biggest thing that happened this week was transfers! We were all
sitting on our apartment nervously waiting for the phone to ring.. but..
nope it didnt ring and no one called.. that means i’m still staying in
English work! and in the same area. I’ll probably get moved to chinese
speaking next transfer though. I’m actually quite excited and pumped for
it.. maybe now i’ll be effectively bilingual. I’m immersed in so many
languages here i really wanna learn french and maybe spanish when im home.
Its gonna be so much fun and i’m really looking forward to that.

Nothing much out of the ordinary really happened this week but i’m gonna
eat some venezulan food tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. story of my life.

Anyway, I’m really trying to make full use of my time here in Canada. 2
years is long but its also a short time if you look at it from a different
perspective. And i’ve come to learn that this 2 years is probably the very
rare occasions that you’re putting others first. This mission is for me and
for my personal growth but the fact that i’m here and the fact i exist is
for others. When we plan our day, we’re planning to help others and we plan
our day around other people. Its a really unique experience and i know it
wont last forever because when i’m back home i know its gonna become MY
studies, MY degree, MY job, MY happiness, MY house, MY career and sure it
might involve other people but for most of the time i’ll be focusing on
myself as an individual. This mission has taught me to be more aware of
others and it’s definately something that i’m gonna be bringing home with

We do alot of service and often than not we just go around and ask people
whether they need help with anything. sometimes we just shovel random
driveways in the neighbourhood without being asked just because its always
good to do something nice for people. I mean, you really dont need a reason
to help someone. It just makes you feel good inside and feel like you made
someone’s day!

Sure there are some days where i just want to stay home and just vegetate
my day away and there are some days where i just do it for the sake of
doing it. I learnt that i can either do it happily or grudgingly and
usually the days go by much better when i do it willingly.

This new transfer i have set certain goals for myself that i wanna really
make full use of my time here. I only have one opportunity out here and
after 2014 i’ll never ever have the chance to do what im doing now. And i
dont wanna be here without a purpose. I wanna learn and use my time the
best way i can. There’s only one chance and i just basically dont wanna
leave for home with regrets.

Its not easy but for sure its going to be worth it.

Take care!

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