Cold and Slow

hellooo 🙂

The week kicked off with a 4am car ride to Brampton.. We had to pick up a
pair of missionaries from Downtown Toronto and send them to Brampton
before driving home. it took us about 3 hours and we were so stoned
throughout the car ride we came home and collasped on our beds for a couple
of hours. we really couldnt move at all. it was horrible.

I met a 72 year old guy outside the Mall..  he felt lost and
lonely and hopeless. we helped him by sitting with him at the bustop for 30
minutes in the cold and tried cheering him up. Turns out he wanted to end
his life the next day because of all the suffering he was going through all
his life. He told us he had no friends and no family and that people were
constantly backstabbing him.. But after meeting us, he told us he would try
and endure because life wasnt meant to be easy and he wanted to meet us
again because he says it gives him something to do and it was refreshing
having someone to talk to. Its a weird feeling “saving” someone and it
left an impression on me about the importance of friends and families and that
is something i’m really grateful for.

The church had a Scottish Party and we tried some of the food there and i
tried haggis! haha yeah i nearly barfed up a lung (literally) but it was a
good experience. the rest of the food was pretty good though. haha

Speaking of food, this lady called Lesley bought us chinese food this week!
yay! it was legit chinese food and i was so happy.. we ordered a crab and
although it wasnt chilli crab i was still tres pleased. haha i also had to
chip in a bit for dinner because she forgot to bring enough money lol.

We have limited mileage on our car and sadly we’re out of miles already for
the month because we had to go to Brampton (its like 200km away) and so we
need to walk everywhere now. its hard especially in the snow but i guess it
gives me some much needed cardio!! haha i’m still trying to lose
weight while im here 😀 especially since i know i might go crazy when im
home eating all the local food. haha

Not much has been happening in Markham.. everything is slow because
its cold and people just wanna stay indoors.. i would too if i wasnt a
missionary. haha. Something i learnt this week is that its not only
important to make a first impression but its important to also make an
important last impression. As missionaries we get moved around Ontario so
much, its important for us to leave an area with a good last impression
because in the future we might end up in the same place and if people dont
like you.. its gonna be a long 6 weeks. haha

Anyway, how’s everyone doing! Please write to me 😀

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