Superbowl Weekend

Hi everyone!

This week was pretty exciting, it was superbowl weekend here in Canada and
everyone was super excited. We had cars with team flags and people were
walking around bearing the jerseys of their favourite teams. I heard the
Baltimore Ravens won but im not sure. haha i dont even know how to play
football and in my mind, football is the sport where you use your feet.
haha. The atmosphere was fun though and last night during the game there
was absolutely no one on the streets haha.

The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately, it was -20 the other day
and snowing heavily and the next day it was 15 degrees…it makes dressing
up really difficult especially when you’re all decked out in thermals and
you have to go home to change because you’re baking inside.

We went apartment knocking and it was super exciting because you have to
sneak in to it because its private property and of course you get the few
who tell us we’re tresspassing but it was in an apartment block where we
met a super sweet guy named Paul and he’s from Gayana in South America and
he’s the nicest guy ever, he gave us food and was super open to the things
we were talking about. At the end of the discussion he asked us whether he
could come to church. Momentarily stunned (because this never happens) we
quickly gave him the address and he promised to come by soon. Im excited!
He also told me…..i talk like an indian………….REALLY?

We also met another guy called Norris and man he talks ALOTTTT. we planned
for a 30 minute meeting but it stretched to like 2.5 hours. It was mostly
him talking.. he’s unhappy with God because despite his super fervent
prayer, his 2 dogs still died of cancer. I really wasnt sure what to tell
him but i was reading about the story of Abraham and maybe God wanted him
to learn through this experience something only he could learn. Then i
thought of my 2 years here, maybe God wants me to learn something that i
could learn out when im here. The time im spending here is long and not the
funnest thing i’ve ever done but i know it can never be duplicated and i’m
learning so much and appreciating things back home that i wouldve never
thought about if i never had gone.

I was talking to the Mission President the other day and he hinted that I
might be training a new missionary at the end of feb! I’m nervous yet im
pumped for the opportunity! Exciting times are ahead. Can you believe is
almost 3 months already.

I hope everyone is well!

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