Leaving Markham

Hi peeeepurrr!
This week was probably the week where i learnt the most on my mission. We visited a nice old Italian couple. They havent been really active in church activities and stuff so we decided to pop by and see how they were doing. They were really hospitable and friendly and always had a smile on their face. Super nice. When we asked what was stopping them from coming out they told us that it was impossible for them to go out. Natale (the guy) had 15 surgeries on his body and the 16th which was supposed to cure him of his spinal problems instead went all wrong and crippled the left side of his body waist down. He also had his prostate removed due to prostate cancer and now need to go to the washroom every 30 minutes because he does not have any control over his bladder. It was heartbreaking.
The wife, Maria said that she was also going through her second battle with breast cancer. It was after all her 3 daughters had found out they had cancer before she decided to go for a mammogram and found out she too had the disease. She undergoes chemeo everyday and its a huge burden on them emotionally and financially. They told us its not that they didnt want to come out and participate but it just wasnt physically possible. I wanted to cry because i felt so sad for them ):
What struck me was that despite their overwhelming problems, they still had a bright smile, a cheery demenour and a wonderful countenance about them. They still went about life without complaints and still tried to do their best in everything that did. It taught me a huge lesson that despite all my “problems” and the “hard” life im having, theres always someone out there whos having a harder time and they are probably not even lamenting as much as I am. It was quite embarrassing thinking about it on hindsight. It taught me to have a better attitude and its something that i know will stick with me for a long time.
The mission can be tough but who am i to complain. 

In other news, Im leaving Markham and gonna be moving to Brampton, Ontario! i’ll be working in the mission office with the Assistants to the Mission President and seeing how the mission is run from behind the scenes. im really looking forward to this new experience! Its gonna be great. i’ll miss markham and the asians…not really sure about Brampton cause of its 90% indian population.. brown town .
I hope everyone is having a gooooooood week! 😀 😀 😀

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