Hihihihihihii everyone!

Im in Brampton! and i really like it here. Brampton is very different from Markham, i havent seen any Asians yet and there arent any office buildings around. Its mostly residential and there arent many malls or anything. Its still strange to me but im slowly getting used to all the empty space. haha coming from Singapore, space is something im not accustomed to

Anyway, Im working with the assistants this 6 weeks and its great! Im learning so much from them and im really enjoying the experience of getting to see the behind the scenes of the mission and also knowing whats going to happen in the future before anyone else *cackles*. So being in this unique situation, im in the office/working with the assistants from 10 to 5 on weekdays and from 6-9pm and on weekends im out and about talking to people.

The week was pretty good. I helped alot with this transfer. It was massive! we had about 40 missionaries coming in, the most ever. (i only came out with 12 people). So there were a ton of logistics involved, so i toured the entire Ontario essentially dropped the newbies off in their apartments and we picked the missionaries who were ending their missions and we dropped them off at the airport. It was a whirlwind couple of days. Of course there were a couple of speed bumps but we managed to get everything sorted out.

nyway, we had a super cool experience on Saturday. we went to visit a  potential investigator called louise on this street. some other missionaries  apparently tracted into her and gave us the address to follow up, so we went and  knocked on the door and this Mexican 17 yr old answered and apparently  there was no Louise living there -.- we were like well we have a book  that accounts for Christ’s dealings with your people. wanna hear about  it? haha he was like sure! so we went in and met his family and they were awesome! he’s a budding boxer and they have been living in Canada for the past 4 years and they speak fluent English despite not knowing any when they came. Their secret? Cartoons and reading the newspaper. haha Dang.

At the end, they were like so when can we come to church.


The next day, the whole family turned up. How wonderful!

I love meeting new people and just getting to know them and the works. Brampton’s been really good to me so far, hopefully every week can be as cool as this. I hope i also stay here for a long time. haha

I hope everyone is doing awesome! stay happy and dont let negativity bog you down 🙂


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