The Best In Life

Hi Everyone!

Spring is almost here! The weather is getting so much warmer now.. it
hovers at around 5 degrees most days and I dont have to wear my coat
anymore! We can run and dance around in pullovers now! I love it. I’m
def not gonna miss the -20 blizzards where we were just shivering
icicles haha. Anyway, my room mate and i bought a 10 dollar bread
machine so we’ve been making wheat bread every 2 days! its really
good. we started of using sugar but now we’re trying to use honey
instead in an attempt to be healthier. my appetite has shrunk..i get
full really easily now and its frustrating especially since a member
wants to bring us to a buffet restaurant next week. haiya.

Anyway, i’m out of the office now! it was fun while it lasted but i’m
happy that i was there for the short stint of 3 weeks. I learnt alot
going around with the Assistants to the President and i saw how the
mission worked from behind the scenes. President Scott also commented
i probably know more about the mission than anyone who’s been out for
4 1/2 months. haha

A major part of this week we’ve been campaigning for the mission
president to redo the ESL (English as a second language) syllabus
because it’s been kinda stale lately and last friday he finally
agreed! he also put me and my missionary companion in charge to
spearhead its overhaul! i’m so pumped for this opportunity. I love
teaching ESL and its really great to see people from everywhere and
gather together and disregard cultural differences to learn english. I
feel its a great responsibility because we as teachers are helping
people improve their life. I was teaching this guy from Bulgaria who
at the start didnt even know a word of English but at the end of 3
months, he knew how to order food in english! it might sound kinda
lame to some but its a experience thats life-changing for him.

What i’ll miss from Toronto is its diversity. Its even more assorted
than Singapore! I meet new people from different countries everyday. I
learn new things such as where Grenada is (lol) and its really
exciting. Gaining spiritual knowledge during this 2 years is wonderful
but you also learn so much secularly by exposing yourself to the
varied experiences that the mission throws at you

I really love being out here because I know opportunities like this
will never come again. Everyday may not be good but if you really look
hard enough there’s always something good in everyday. The mission
really without a doubt stretches you and it honestly the toughest
thing i’ve done yet but life really begins when you’re at the end of
your comfort zone!

No regrets!

Have a great week 🙂

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