Hey everyone! We are a trio now! usually missionary companionships are a duo but sometimes due to special circumstances we become a tri-panionship. haha 2 Cor 13:1 says In the mouth of two or three awitnesses shall every word be established so hey if the bible says it..its probably good. Anyway, the new guy that came in is called Elder Yu! He’s from Hong Kong but he grew up in Vancouver. He’s awesome! we clicked straight away maybe cause we grew up in similar circumstances. We’re both city kids and we’ve have similar interests in sports and food. Im thankful that he came!
We had a couple of interesting stories this week. We have a birthday list from the ward in church so we usually go around to members houses and drop by and sing them a quick birthday song and wish them well (with no intentions to be invited in for cake) and on friday, we visited the Peterson Family because it was Corey Peterson’s birthday! However, Corey wasnt home because he went to the store to buy groceries and his wife, Rebekah thinking it was him, swung open the door dressed in nothing but a camisole! HAHA. when she saw 3 young boys and not her 35 year old husband she yelped and ran behind the door laughing. when she poked her head out, it was redder than a beetroot and explained the whole situation to us. By then, we were dying inside but we managed to blubber out a response and ran back to the car laughing all the way. We did however go back a second time to wish him a happy birthday though haha.
We also made general conference flyers for the members to hand out to their friends and hopefully get them to tune in. Im really excited for general conference. Its when you get to listen to leaders of the church give inspired counsel on how to live a better life both temporally and spiritually. is where you can watch it online if anyone is interested 🙂
We went to visit this member who had a new born baby 2 weeks ago! When we got there he told us that he wife took the baby and left him. He was so devastated, i dont think i’ve seen anyone that crushed before. Idk, it was a hopeless feeling cause you knew you couldnt say anything to change the situation or uplift his heavy heart. We just listened and told him to find things to do to help him get his mind off it because honestly you cant sink any lower.. it wont be better and it wont be worse but it’ll be different and hopefully he’ll have to come to love it.
Anyway, this week is gonna be great! we have 6 meal appointments!!! *dances and throws confetti* haha the members are great and really supportive. hopefully your week goes as well too! 😀
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