Transfer 3 , Week 5

Hallo readers!
haha i dont actually know how many read my weekly cyber entries but im just hoping its plural. lol ANYWAY, this week was goood! its officially the first week of spring! and it showed! The weather was a cool 10 degrees and flowers started to bud and there was more life as we walked around neighbourhoods. Squirrels were scampering from tree to tree and you’d see the occassional raccoon dart from shrub to shrub. Its really sweet. People were also out more and the days are getting longer too! The sun usually sets at about 8 now and people stay out and you see fathers playing hockey (only in canada) with their kids on the lawn and mothers looking out and laughing from the safety of the house.
People are also friendlier to us. They’d engage us in conversation instead of shutting the door in our faces. We also had a father let us take a few potshots with his hockey stick! haha now that the snow has completely melted, we’ve taken to jogging in the morning! man, im so unfit, Internet explorer could possibly run faster than me. I try my best to huff along though 🙂
Transfers are next week, i hope i stay here in Brampton, the weather is nice, the people are friendly and the members are really supportive. Good things are happening here in heartlake.
The whole world is a series of miracles but because we are simply so used to seeing them, we call them ordinary things.
Just a short entry but Lets all try to appreciate the small things in life! 😀 Have a smashing weeeek!
ps: i ate 6 pounds of poutine on saturday. HAHA.
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