Transfer 4 Week 1

Hi people~!
Its a new transfer and I’m leaving Brampton! It was nice being here because the mission office is here and you don’t have to wait to get mail. The people were also really sweet here so it made work a lot more pleasant. Anyway, I’m headed to downtown toronto! I have no idea what lies in store for me. I’m excited to be back in the city but im nervous because we dont have a car now and I have to talk to random people on the trains and buses….I can forsee all the awkward situations that are gonna happen..But! on the bright side, its gonna be such a huge melting pot of cultures and i’m really stoked for that. I’m also looking forward to meeting my first Singaporean here in Canada. I’ve honestly met people from everywhere in the globe but Singapore ):
This last week in Brampton went well! I received a much needed food parcel from Mum that included the prima mixes and things that you can only dream to find here in Canada. (you never realise how much you appreciate kaya till you can’t get it haha). We also had General Conference! 10 hours split over 2 days of listening to talks by the church leaders. Oh man, it was so good. Life improvement speeches and how we all can be better people. i was writing down quotes till my hand started hurting. lulz.
We were teaching this girl called LJ and she’s awesome. he’s androgynous and super chill. She studies and works at Mcdonalds to help her pay for college. And in Canada, people that work in Mcdonalds part time get like 16 dollars an hour. and thats not even minimum wage because she’s only 17 o0. haha, back home Mcdonalds part timers get like 3.50?! It was quite an eye opener for me. hahaha. Also, the mcnuggets here arent as good as the ones back home (maybe cause there isnt curry sauce hahaha).
Anyway, i have to start packing my junk. Thats probably the toughest thing, repacking everything once you’ve unpacked….There’s lots of things to look forward to downtown and yet there are things that might go horribly wrong but even if it all goes to pieces and i get shut down by people all day, the fact that everything is temporary, even bad days and sleepless nights really help me get up the next day. haha
I’ve learnt to never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what i wanted.
Have a good week everyone! 🙂 make mon-day your day 😀
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