Transfer 4, Week 2 (East Toronto)

Hey guys!

SO IM IN DOWNTOWN TORNOTO! its about time. haha Its really good to be back in city, i’ve been out in the suburbs for way too long its good to be back with in the hustle and bustle. It might sound weird but being in the outback for 5 months, its really welcoming. It also reminds me alot about home šŸ™‚

Downtown toronto really is like Singapore. People are walking at a fast pace and have no time to talk or chat. but its fun all the same. Being here you really get to meet a ton of people and talk to everyone. When you’re in the outback you have a car and all you do is knock doors and go to appointments but here, its really out there and its so much more flexible and you have so many options and opportunity to do whatever you like.

People are craaazy in downtown though. like out of their minds, for every decent person you meet you have 3 other people who have a screw missing. I was eating from a bag of chips (my diet starts after my birthday) and i walked past a random guy and he just shot out his hand into my open bag of chips and grabbed a handful and stuffed it all into his mouth o.0 chomping it before slouching away. i ended up throwing the bag. its trivial but man, you really meet people of all kinds here. Truly a melting pot of cultures and people. We’ve been heckled and abused at verbally and it can be demoralising but hey, you really toughen up mentally! and you go home and crash because sleep is the best medication šŸ˜€

Its worth it however when you meet a really friendly person. They’re normal and you have a really meaningful conversation. You see the smiles of people when they talk to you and it just brightens up your day. Sometimes joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of joy too.

Smiles really need to be prevalent in society and they need to keep happening.. haha I hope everyone has a good week, & the weather is nice enough to warm our toes šŸ˜‰

Till next week!

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