Transfer 4 , week 3

Hi guys! Its been a good week! i met and talked with so many people and i FINALLY met someone from Singapore. She’s lived in canada for the past 40 years but still! it was a momumental moment and it was great to actually talk to someone from home. hahaha we also exchanged some words in hokkien. HAHA i dont even speak hokkien well, i just did it to feel all nice inside. haha
Canada, especially downtown toronto is full of people from different nations and full of different cultures. Its really nice to talk to people about their home country and i learn abit about them as well. Its also nice to share good things about Singapore. haha you dont really realise how sheltered and nice singapore is till you live out of it for an extended period of time. Its also really nice to learn about so many different lifestyles and backgrounds.
But, for every nice person you meet, theres always about 20 other crazies you gotta talk to. We were walking down Ossington Ave last week to the church to make some photocopies when we were stopped by this guy from who wanted to know more about us and i guess what we believed in. He said he lived in the neighborhood all his life and he has been having a hard time and wanted to turn his life around. he also wanted to see the church as well.
Y’know as missionaries you spend your whole day initiating conversations so when someone talks to you, alarms start ringing in your head and you seize the opportunity! haha so we took him to the church and gave him a tour around the building. midway through, he went to the bathroom and after he came out he acted all different. he was aggressive and emotional and unfocused and weird. in short, he was deranged and not mentally there. Keeping out composure we quickly finished the tour and ushered him out of the building saying we had another appointment to keep.
We returned to the bathroom and found that while he was in the stall, he was railing crack. It was a pretty crazy experience for me. This was the first time that i saw the effects up close and personal and it was really an eyeopener. haha it just reaffirmed my decision that i never want to do drugs no matter how wonderful and great society makes it out to be. But for some reason, i didnt feel angry or annoyed i just felt sad that he’d turn to drugs for a form of relief and happiness. I’d wish i could help but im not sure if i’d ever see him again.
So many people are experiencing that here. They sink to an absolute low and turn to drugs. A friend once told me that there comes a point in everyone’s life that you have to have a higher power (God, Buddha, Allah, whoever you make him out to be) in your life because you have nothing else. And that my job as a missionary is to make sure to help people realise that when that point comes, they know He is there. Life isnt easy, but with God, it can be fulfilling.
i hope everyone has a wonderful week! Find happiness in the little things and do the things you’ve always wanted to do 😀
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