Transfer 4 week 4

Hey guys!!

I had an awesome start to the week! Last monday, i went to the CN tower. Its 447m high and we managed to head right to the top. it was 32$ to go to the viewing gallery and 12$ more to head up to the sky pod, the very top. The skypod experience was so worth it. I could see New York and Niagara Falls from there. It was sweeeeeeet.  They also had a glass floor section that kinda let you look all the way down to the street level. It was a crazy rush of blood to the head. if anyone is in the toronto area, its a def must see. only go on a nice sunny day though, you obviously dont wanna go when its raining. lulz. oh and i was approached by this lady at the CN tower whos a member from england and she mentioned i have a british accent!! HAHA #cheapthrill #fakeittillyoumakeit

Following that, we went to momofuku! i’ve always wanted to eat there and i was so pleased they opened a store in toronto. It was the bomb and it wasnt that expensive too! 15$ for ramen is pretty decent. haha good times.

We met with Darlene and richard yesterday and they are such a sweet couple. They’ve been married for over 40 years and are still happily together. We’ve been trying to help them quit smoking and its really cool to see them progress in their goal together. I really like meeting with them because they are so warm and really friendly and they like giving me life advice. haha

i asked them what their secret to such a happy marriage was and they told me to give everything you got in everything you do. It was such a cliche and simple statement but as I was thinking about it on the way home, i remembered that i partially came out here to discover more about myself and i realised that not just in a mission but in everything we do, unless we give our all and lose ourselves, we have no hope in finding ourselves.
Have a wonderful weeeko 😉

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