Transfer 4 Week 5

hihihi everyone!
The book of mormon musical has come to Toronto! For those who don’t know, its basically a award winning musical done by the creators of South Park and it essentially makes fun of missionaries. haha.  We decided to take full advantage of the situation by blitzing the theatre with missionaries. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. People started coming to us and taking photos with “actual real” missionaries and we managed to gave out 3 cartons of books in 2 hours. We talked to everyone and cleared up a host of rumours and untruths and many of them wanna meet with us to just get to know us and the church better. It was very exciting. I wanna buy some of the merchandise from the show actually. heh.
Alex Boye of youtube fame came to Toronto. check him out at

He held a short conference with members and told us of his conversion story and how living the lds guidelines has blessed him in his career. I didnt manage to get a picture with him but it was really nice hearing him sing live and we left the place with positive and happy vibes.
After which we went to a member, the Hamblins house for dinner and man, its such a grand place. Their house looks like it came straight home of a tumblr page. it didnt look so nice on the outside but its beautifully furnished on the inside.
My missionary companion commented and said “wow i wish i had his job, everyone seems so happy, i wanna be happy like them too” and it set me thinking on this whole happy thing. We all want happiness in life (aside from world peace of course lol) and that we’re always thinking that someday-one day we’ll be happy We’ll get that perfect career of that job or that person in our lives that would fix everything and erase all our problems. but not everyone is happy even with that wildly successful job or that ideal partner. and i felt happiness if you strip it down, is a mood. its a feeling  and not a destination. Its like being sleepy or angry or hungry. its not permanent, it comes and goes and thats perfectly fine and i felt if we thought of it that way, we’d actively try and find happiness more often.
This week, i want to smile more at people and find happiness in the small things. hahaha
Stay positive people! 😀
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