Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone!
Its been a  wonderful week capped off by Mothers Day! I love Mothers day! its an  excuse to openly express my love for my Mom and be as cheesy as i want  and get away with it 🙂

Throughout life we all have stories, some good some bad  and there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall, how a scar got on a face, how food got a plate..some stories are simple, some are heartwarming and some are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all  our stories is our Mother’s story because hers is where ours begin.
My Mom is a smart strong wonderful woman and she’s  amazing. She pushes me because she wants me to reach the potential and  good that she sees in me that sometimes i cant see for myself. There  aint a woman alive that can (or probably want to) take my mothers place.
Love is a beautiful thing but no love can compare to a  mothers love because when you look into a mothers eyes. you know that is the purest, unadulterated love you can find on this earth. But i’m  really trying my best when i sincerely say thanks for all you’ve done  Mom, I love you! 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and to all the mothers who  carried, gave birth to, and raised their children and to all the mothers who adopted or fostered children and gave them a life when life wasnt  supposed to happen. And to all the mothers who entrusted others with  their children to give them a better life; to all the mothers who have  lost children; to all the mothers-at-heart who cannot or haven’t yet  been able to be mothers; to all the mothers who raise their  grandchildren as well; to all the mothers overseas or otherwise working  who cannot be with their children; to all the mothers-to-be; to all the  “second moms” to friends, to the aunts, godmothers, stepmothers, and to  the fathers who also act as mothers; there are so very many ways to be  “Mom.” and I salute you.
As hectic as life is, whether we have 5 exams to study  for or just 1. Take a breather and tell your Mom you love her this week! 🙂

Talk to all of you next week!

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