Transfer 5 Week 1

hello guys!!
Transfer 4 is over and its a whole new 6 week transfer! I’m staying put right here in Toronto! I really like it here. Its like being at home with the crowds and the skyscrapers surrounding you.
Some exciting things that happened this week was that we did the “Holy Chuck” burger challenge where we had to finish a 6 patty burger and a nutella ice cream milkshake in 6 minutes and just to add to its heart attack causing potential, the buns were cheese sandwiches fried in butter. Its truly north american gluttony at its finest. needless to say, i skipped dinner after that. hurhur.
I also received a surprise food package in the mail! I’ve never tried half of the things inside so that was fun too. haha
This week i also saw the ugly side of the people in toronto. I’ve never been heckled and hurled abuse so much before. There are some bigots that populate toronto that hate all form of religion. Its rather frustrating. Just the other day, we were chased by an animal of a man holding a machette. Thankfully, he was fat and could only huff and puff for so long. haha.
One of the hardest things here is choosing to walk away when its easy to do the opposite.

Other than that, its been nice here. the weather still cant decide whether its spring, summer or some days, winter. it was 25 degrees the other day and 8 degrees the next. haha. the rain is also dreary. Toronto is really like england where the rain isnt heavy enough for you to stay in but its the annoying kind of drizzle that ruins your mood. oh well. life’s like that. Def not missing the scorching 37 degree heat Singapore is experiencing though šŸ™‚
have a wonderful week peeeps!
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