Transfer 5, Week 3

Hey everyone!

The week went well! People were nice to us…mostly. hur. Theres this old white guy whom we walk past everyday and he heckles us, ALWAYS. so the other day i decided to just sit down and talk to him and have a proper conversation. hahaha. After getting to know our backgrounds and our ambitions and plans, he now realises we’re normal kids and is now really friendly to us. bahaha. 1 down 5645345345547645 haters to go. lol.

Anyway, summer’s fast approaching in toronto, the days are really long and the nights end quickly. These days, the sun rises at 5:40am. That, coupled with the fact the windows in my apartment are missing blinds of any sort pose a world of problems for a sleep loving missionary. ie me. All my life i’ve never been the biggest fan of morning activities. I remember detesting jumping into a swimming pool at 6am with the intensity of a thousand suns.. haha

Strangely though, just recently, I’ve come to really appreciate the early mornings, when it appears that you’r the only one who’s awake and the rest of the world is fast asleep. Everything feels surreal and peaceful. Its incredibly stress free and at the moment, it seems all your troubles melt away and don’t exist and its just you, the sleeping world and the sunrise.

Two hours later, chaos begins again.

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