Transfer 5, Week 4


The past week went well. We went down to the Book of Mormon play again. It was awesome. But man, they really tear our religion apart and put it together until it doesnt even remotely resemble what it actually is. it makes good publicity though. and apparently the theatre people werent that happy with us for being there. Maybe cause they were selling the Books of Mormon for 35 dollars a book while here we are outside giving them away for free. haha

I had a exciting experience this week too. We were walking down a crowded street. School was old, kids were everywhere when suddenly a group of punks started shooting roman candles (kinda like fire crackers at everyone. it was crazy and people were screaming and pretty soon everyone was running around and soon they started aiming at the missionaries (OF COURSE RIGHT). Wont lie and say i wasnt scared but somehow i felt really calm and just kept walking (albeit a bit faster now). It was flying everywhere. A bus got hit, stationary cars got hit and trashcans as well but for reason, i got away without a singe on me. Coincidence? haha i highly doubt that. I know i look uncannily like henry cavill in superman, man of steel (HA) but i have no doubt divine intervention definitely played a role.

All in all, it was a really exhilarating experience, but i dont think i want to go through something like that again. haha definitely something for the journal though.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a good week! stay safe and keep smiling!! 😀



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