Transfer 5 Week 5

Hello everyone!

It was a great week! We met tons of people. This lady was so amazing. She bought us a bucket of wings because she said not enough people are nice to us in this city. needless to say, the wings disappeared during the same day 🙂 Little things like that really make ones day.

I fully believe in these little gestures that can make someones day. Holding a door open for someone, buying someone their hot chocolate, saying thank you to the cleaner who diligently sweeps the road, paying compliments even though they might not deserve it. I appreciate it when people do it for me. It can be against what we’re used to and it can feel weird sometimes but the irony is that even though it may feel strange, almost everytime you do so, you feel better about yourself too.

This week i also said hello to Demi Levato. She, Taylor Swift and a whole bunch of international singers are in Toronto for a music festival. Demi (yes we are on a first name basis now. baha) was walking down the streets and my companion and I were on the other side and we shouted, HEY DEMI keep doing what you’re doing!. haha she smiled and waved………i fully expect her to add me on facebook now. hahaha

Well, the weeks been great. Such happy moments help us remember the June roses in the December months of our lives.

I hope all of you are doing well! 🙂 Much love from Toronto ❤

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