Transfer 5 Week 6


Its the start of the new week and it’s the last week of the transfer and i’ve no idea whether i’ll be staying in Toronto. (We have the chance of moving areas every 6 weeks, and every 6 weeks is called a transfer) I’ve had a blast here the past 3 months and loved every moment of it.

Some of the highlights of my stay here the past months include:

Being part of the missionary invasion as we invaded the Princess of Wales theater while the Book of Mormon Play was being aired. We basically were the faces and the voice of the church and we answered and clarified many questions and misconceptions people have about the religion (No we dont have many wives and yes we believe a family unit can exist together even after death which essentially erases the notion of “till death do you part”.) I’ve had real intellectual conversations with some of the people there. Its wonderful to talk with no limitations and obligations about the unknown, to speak without consequence and to talk about whats really important in life.

Watching the church missionary telecast broadcast in Utah. there are now 70,000 missionaries worldwide and it’s really awesome to be a part of that.

Surviving the summer heat in an apartment without a fan or an aircon. Cant believe i did it and I still firmly believe air conditioning is the greatest invention in the world.

Talking to everyone! You really have to experience it to appreciate it. Even despite meeting shady characters, I’ve met so many wonderful people. and they are among many of the people i’ll def keep in contact with even after I leave this place and head home to the promised land of Singapore. I even got a Toronto Transit Commission tie from one of the bus drivers! ahaha, #braggingrights

Most of all, I’m grateful for all the support from everyone. I mentioned it before that this may not be the best or easiest two years of my life but i know its the best two years for my life.

Make it a good week guys, work hard and sleep in on weekends 😉

Much love ❤

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