Transfer 6 Week 1

Hi Everyone!

New transfer same area! I’m still in downtown Toronto but i’m now training a brand new missionary! He’s fresh off the boat and just arrived in canada a few days ago.

He’s is from Indonesia! He’s learning english and now i have the responsibility to ensure that he becomes a good missionary. Im teaching him english for an hour everyday and he’s pretty chill which is cool. It’s also pretty nice having someone that lives in the same side of the world as you and someone that can relate when i grumble about the lack of satay. hahaha

He’s a good guy and he’s here for the right reasons though so hopefully all goes well. He has the fire to do work, so i wanna abuse that green fire as much as possible.

I met my first Singaporeans my age last week! i was strolling around the University of Toronto’s campus when i heard a voice behind me “eh wahlao this campus so big confirm get lost one man” bahahahaha i had my doubts when people told me you can recognise a singaporean’s accent anyway but now i totally believe it. I laughed and turned around and talked to them. Turns out they were from NUS studying pharmacy and they were here on exchange. We caught up about local happenings before i went on my merry way. Its really nice to see singaporeans. Cant imagine what it’ll be like when i get home. o0

Anyway, how’s everyone doing? I’ve been out almost 8 months. It doesnt really feel like it, looking back. Missionary life is weird. the weeks are long but the months fly by. And you forget everything. we call it the missionary veil haha.

email me @

Stay sane y’all. Thanks for reading and keeping up to date with my adventures. I don’t say things as easily as i write them

much love ❤

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