Transfer 6 Week 2


The past week was amazing! Its really awesome being out here. Before I left, i was really apprehensive about this whole mission thing. Leaving friends, music, home, family, school basically everything behind and packing 2 years into 2 suitcases and heading off to a land full of beavers and maple leafs and “sell” an idiosyncratic kind of christianity for 2 years. Not my idea of fun. But being out here and experiencing everything Canada has to offer, i’m really happy that i made this decision. Sure days are gloomy and sometimes i wonder what was i thinking but you dont remember them. You remember all the fun and happy moments and exciting relationships you build and lasting friendships that you’ve never have made if you stayed home.

Anyway, back to my exciting week. I got to play tour guide to my new indonesian friend as I showed him around T.O. He’s from what he calls a kampong so the lights and sights of the big city was a wonderful experience for him. On one of the days where we were pounding the pavement, we met Vanessa and Libby. They were both dancers for Disney. They’re from the states and they’re here for training and Vanessa is LDS! She’s from Peru but grew up in Utah. We talked to them about Toronto and how Eternal families are so important and Libby said she really wanted to know more. It’s awesome. I’m excited to finally have discussions with people my age.

Having an indonesian around is great. Its easier to relate to and he’s super nice. I was worried at the start because he has poor english that the people in Toronto would rake him but he’s such a nice chap that people cant help but be nice to him haha.

Pride week was also last week in Toronto….not much to say but wow. its reeeeeaaaaaaaaally liberal here. hahaha


Have a great week muchachas!

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