Transfer 6 Week 3


What a week! Last monday, Toronto flooded! It was insane. Buses were half submerged and people were literally swimming. Thank goodness we lived on the 3rd floor and we could see everything going on. The next few days were spent cleaning up. Alot of people in Toronto live in basements and they essentially lost everything they owned. It was heartbreaking.

A few of us missionaries decided we should go and see if we could do anything to help. We laced up our shoes and pulled our shorts as high as we could and went wading in these basements. It was grimy, and putrid and essentially gross but we did the best we should. We helped mop, throw out documents, clothes, furniture and tried clearing everything out as best as we could. It took a few days of work but we managed to help get most of the stuff out to help a few of our neighbours try and get their life back together

It was difficult and def something i wasnt used to but we felt good after. Its ironic, how you’re helping these people but it in turn helps you feel better about yourself! The hardships you feel kinda get lighter for that instant.

Something i learnt is that sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it but rather you’re simply giving it to someone else.

Have a great week ahead peeeople! 😀


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