Transfer 6 Week 4 – TTC Tales, Twisters in Toronto and ties

“Be different from the world in order to make a difference in the world” – i dont remember who said this, i think its Neal A Maxwell

but Ghandi also said this

“”Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

same thing.

Hey everyone!

Sometimes when I open my mouth to talk to someone on the subway or bus, to my fear I realise that i dont know what to say. I so frequently revert back to talking about the weather or giving a compliment on an article of clothing or a hairstyle or sneakers or something i can lay my eyes on. Often the answer is a simple thanks or yup or nod, or worse a quick look the other direction and pretend I didn’t hear because that guy is wearing a badge and he just wants to hassle me about something that I don’t have time or energy for today or ever.

In these situations it’s hard to know whether to just keep talking in that person’s direction in hopes that they will feel somehow socially obligated to respond and realize that I’m not a missionary robot martian, but someone who just wants to say hello and just talk about life or family or whatever whether their interested or not. Sometimes I feel like shouting “DEAR WORLD! I’M JUST ANOTHER HUMAN LIKE YOU!”

It is so wonderful to talk to people who realize this.. I talked to this guy about my age the other day who works at Momofuku, a japanese place downtown. He described himself as “atheist…I think…well I’m not sure that I’m not sure” mostly he did not want to talk about religion. He seemed so uncomfortable that I’d tried to talk to him, until something seemed to click and he just seemed to relax and we just talked about life and I got to tell him why I believe that nothing in this life is happenstance and he got to explain his background. No pressure. I wish more people could feel open to just talk, to just listen. Oh well, you win some you lose some

Anyway, I got a new tie this week! Big news huh.

Well, in Toronto, the buses and subways are run by the Toronto Transit Commission and as part of their uniform, the drivers all are required to wear a TTC tie.

So some of us missionaries taught it’d be a good idea to get one too..a week later, all 4 of us had spanking new TTC ties 😀

We also found a box of unopened cigs on the floor so we proceeded to stomp on all of it.. saving lungs one box at a time 🙂 #cheapthrills

The crazy weather also continues in Toronto, the outskirts of toronto this week had a tornado haha that was super exciting. although the twister didnt come into the city we still experience a crazy storm which ripped apart trees and caused mayhem around the city. there was even hail the size of golf balls (which caused us to run indoors cause they hurt lol) otherwise, it was nice because it totally dropped the temperature this week and its a nice cool 25 degrees out there.

This week sounds promising. Have a wonderful summery week guys! 😀


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