Transfer 6 Week 5 – Cold Summer Days, Lost In Translation, Seeing is Beliebing.

“And turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime” – Fleet Foxes


We got an air conditioning unit this week!!! *throws bales of confetti in the air* Steph Bridgwater (bless her heart) got a new AC this week and she kindly donated her existing one to us! We ran home and installed it right away and proceeded to enjoy the cool breeze from heaven that soon followed 🙂 Life is extra wonderful again. haha.

The weather is been really unpredictable lately. Its 24 degrees one day and boiling at 36 degrees the next. I remember i always thought it’d would be snowing all year long in Canada and people lived in igloos with beavers and mooses as pets. haha guess some stereotypes arent true 🙂 haha but honestly, i’d rather be in winter than summer. At least, one can layer on. However, theres only a certain amount of clothes you can strip off when its hot.

This past week, we also went to chinatown for the first time to do groceries. Man, its really another world there. At points it reminded me of Bangkok,Malaysia and Hongkong all in one. Its really neat. haha the grocery store looks nothing like the supermarkets (in canada, no one seems to know what a supermarket is) back home. But its really an asian paradise! Mountains of Hello Panda and Pockey and Hi-chew and Wangwang snacks. hahaha Its so much more cheena than anything back home and no one speaks english but somehow we managed to get back using my butchered mandarin. haha it all went well though 🙂

Justin Bieber came to town last week and it was madnessss. i was on exchanges last week and my missionary companion was a huge fan of J biebs. We went talking to people just for fun outside the Air Canada Center where JB was performing and i didnt see a single dude there. Some tweens asked me whether i was a Belieber. i smiled and said “only in the shower”

Yesterday we got to visit our friend, Matthew, who has schizophrenia and a myriad of other mental disorders i cant remember. He has been put in a facility for a couple of months, so we paid a visit to the facility see how he was doing. He sat on the edge of a bed in a room with a wonderful view of the CN tower. We asked him how he was doing and he showed us some paintings he’d made. Birds that represent freedom. Hearts that represent his daughters, a sun and a moon to light them. In his fuzzy mental state, he mumbled about how he is in a place full of people who are suffering. His only wish is that his schizophrenia will go away. He shared something i’ll keep with me long after my mission is over.

“Be grateful for everything you have because some people don’t have anything but hope”

Words of wisdom.

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