Transfer 6 Week 6 – A Bedraggled Basement and Canadian Colloquial​isms

Let’s go far away, away from here, somewhere there’s no cars, we can see the stars and the skies are clear – tiesto & kyler england.

The week was interesting. I was on exchange this week where i left my assigned area and went to another missionarys area. In the morning we had to go and help Pete clear his basement which was “damaged” due to the flood a few weeks area.. We arrived there and holymoleybaloney it was honestly the scariest thing i’ve seen in my life. Its one thing clearing a basement with water slooshing around, its another thing clearing a basement where the water has seeped into the crevices of the wood and is a perfect breeding ground for mould to fester. With the ceiling a couple of inches above my head, it wasnt the most spacious place in the world but we had to get it done

Donning a set of gloves and a mask (which really seem like it did much) 3 of us started the odious game of trash of treasure. Personally, i had moments where i just wanted to consign everything to trash and incinerate the house. I wasnt the happiest camper around but after 2 hours of gingerly walking around. I had a change of heart. I mean, we were the only ones there and if we didnt lend a hand who would :/ and so we carried on. We stuck around till we finished clearing the place before leaving. It wasnt the funnest thing i did all week but it was probably the most fulfilling.

On a final note, i’m slowly learning more Canadian things. Yesterday was Civic Day in Canada.(everyone I asked about it had some foggy explanation of how it had something to do with something about slavery being abolished. no one really had a good explaination, but the consensus was clear that they were excited to have the day off for whatever reason). Also Poutine= fries, gravy, cheese curd. ha ha and things like bathroom=washroom,, bagels are pronounced as bear-girls, no one here knows what a shoebag is and other oddities.

Canada is a wonderful country 🙂

Hope everyone is doing great! I miss all of you! 🙂


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