Transfer 7 Week 1 – Happy moments, Chinese work and…LONDON CALLING?!

Took my feet to Oxford Street, trying to right a wrong – Chris Martin

Its a new transfer!

Man, Transfer 6 FLEW by for me. even though i tried counting days it still went by quickly. I had an amazing time and I’ll def miss Toronto.

We met Angela at the hospital yesterday and she has leukemia and is recovering from a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. Our hearts went out to her as she struggled to speak, she mentioned even swallowing salivia hurts because the radiation burned her throat lining and it was really sad. We stayed for an hour and sang some songs and shared an uplifting message with her. You know the burning in your heart when you do something like that? yeah it was real and almost tangible.

In other news, about a year ago, I was in Portobello market in London, England sitting in an alleyway eating paella. Fast forward to 2013, i’m headed back to London again! It will be a totally different place though as I’m headed to the London in the west end of Ontario. As if that wasnt surprising enough, I’m being officially called to the Chinese language. Evidently, someone has confidence in my C6 O level chinese. But anyhoos, I’m actually secretly excited to see how it goes. I do want to come back proficient in chinese. so hopefully goes well. *crossing my fingers very VEEEERY hard*

Im looking forward to next week. haha

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