Transfer 7 Week 2 – Work Work Work

I’ve got pressure, I’m in deep, seems everybody wants something from me – Nadia Ali & Starkillers


I’ve survived my first week in London! Its such a big change from everything i was accustomed to. Being in Toronto for 6 months, you really get used to the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city. When i first got here, i looked out on the streets and maaaan, there wasnt a single person in sight. It was really like a ghost town. I’ve adapted slightly to it though so i hope it gets better.

Chinese work is really tough! Despite having studied chinese in school for a long time, most of the time i really have no idea what to say. Its frustrating because you cant get the message you intended across. Im trying to spend more time studying though, JIAYOU TO ME.

We are assigned to 2 church services so we have to attend double the meetings which is really tiring sometimes but its interesting to see and compare the differences.

I also have 6 girls in my district so district meetings are really loud and noisy but its all good and i learn so much from them its good to have a girl missionaries perspective on things and its helped alot.

All in all just by being in london for a week speaking chinese. I can safety say its probably the hardest thing i’ve done so far but it would be really fulfilling when i master the language. (eventually/hopefully)


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