Transfer 7 Week 3 – STEAMBOAT and other chinese oddities

We didnt start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning – Billy Joel


I’ve survived two whole weeks speaking chinese! I’m pretty proud of myself. Granted, I’m still atrocious at talking to people and expressing myself the way i want to but i’m getting by.

We were hosed by a skunk this week! My missionary companion taught it was a good idea to go and forage through a field because it seemed shorter. and maaaan, people arent exaggerating when they say they reek. It smells like weed but it burns your lungs. haha it wasnt the funnest of experiences.

We had steamboat this week with the chinese members in the area! it was awesome!! well, it reminded me of home and it was with good company and it was a really funny telling my angmor companion that beefballs were actually beef balls and seeing his reaction 😀

We had a funny member meal the past week. he’s the whitest man i’ve ever seen in London and when he feeds the chinese speaking missionary. he makes rice and gives us dumplings…….HAHA it was hilarious when he said im not sure if you had potatoes before so i just made rice to be safe -.- its all good though.

Life is london is a much slower pace than it is in Toronto and im sleepy more often mainly cause we’re in a car but its still exciting. Time is going by faster than usual which is a great thing.

have a great week!
happy thoughts lead to happy actions 😀

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