Transfer 7 Week 4 – Friends in the Sky, Lights from above and Costco!!

He’s got the sun and the moon, in his hands. -MoTab

Its been a while! Since my last off day, we had labour day on Monday and we had a big mission conference yesterday. Hence my day off was pushed to Wednesday!

This week as I went to sleep the moon shone in so  brightly that with my eyes closed I felt like there was a spotlight on  my face through the crack in the curtains next to my bed. It was  beautiful. It came up and over and now it’s waning again.  I talked to an old, wrinkled chinese man one night at  the bus stop who told me the best times to plant rice is  based on the phase of the moon. It was interesting.

For probably the first time in my life,I got to see constellations the other night walking home! It was so  clear and I realized I could see the arc of the big dipper! So then I  found the North Star and Cassiopeia the Queen, and the Summer Triangle,  and my favorite Cygnus the Swan. It helped my buddy is a astronomy buff. Not surprising since he wants to study Aerospace engineering This world is so  big. But not so big. We all sit under a moon and a sky and under the  watchful eye of a father who loves us. Its great

I’m learning to be bold – when that is what is  needed. I like to be careful and not hurt anyone’s feelings, but no one  ever said that change was easy and that is  my job! To help people feel the peace that comes when they learn to do  the things that bring them happiness but it can be difficult when people reject the peace you want them to have. Ah well!

We’re going to Costco today! Its my first time so i dont really know what to expect but i heard its just a massive warehouse stocked with everything and its samples galore. I’m excited.

This came from a dear friend: Why don’t hedgehogs just share the hedge!?


Have a beautiful week. Don’t be afraid. Just do what you know you need to do!

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