Transfer 7 Week 5 – Of birthdays, miracles and drinking liquid fire

Imagine all the people, living life in peace – John Lennon

Hello everyone! That possibly one of my favourite songs. I’m really certain one day, everyone can find peace in life. It might not be in the near future but i’m sure everything will be encompassed in a utopic society.
We had a really wonderful week! It was Sister Dyer’s birthday and we decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her.
So, every month, we have a newsletter called the harvest which basically updates everyone what everyone is up to and it also lists the upcoming missionaries birthdays. So my missionary companion and I decided to throw her a party because everyone wants to feel loved especially on your birthday and especially when you cant see your family members. It took 2 weeks of planning and sneakily asking her what her favourite candy was and ice cream flavour and pizza flavour and the works.
So last saturday, we had the rest of the district made up of the other 4 sister missionaries and we casually walked Sister Dyer into the room and as soon as she walked in everyone started singing Happy Birthday! It was great. The reaction on her face was priceless and she looked so happy 😀 It totally made our week. 
That night, we also met this chinese family for the first time! They lived in a palace and they were so hospitable and friendly and gave us warm water to drink. and they were so receptive and open. It gave me a nice fuzzy feeling at the end of it and im pretty sure it wasnt the hot water. haha
The summer heat is giving way to shorter days. It’s been hot again in the afternoon, but the evenings cool off and are just absolutely perfect. That weather when everyone just wants to be  outside. Out playing soccer in the park out walking on the sidewalks out sitting on front porch stoops. I would love to just lengthen these  hours and days before the chill nudges them inside again.

I also had Steamboat again, this time they made the “Ma La” version. I am now missing several million tastebuds. They probably melted.

I’m having a really good time. We’ll bring the world His Truth.

Whether you’re studying, playing or even inventing a new variety of healthy cereal, take some time to relax. Make it a good week!! 🙂

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