Transfer 8 Week 2 – I have no idea what i’m doing

Me and all my friends, we’re all misunderstood, they say we stand for nothing….So we keep waiting. Waiting on the world to change- John Mayer

I love those lyrics. I think it makes perfect sense out here. Anyway, I survived my first week in Burlington! It’s really a whole new world out here. Burlington is a really wealthy neighborhood in the Hamilton area. Ryan Gosling’s mum is a member here and who knew that Ryan Gosling went through early morning seminary!

Speaking of which, I fondly remember the days back in school where we would all pile on the bus, sleepy eyed after attending 45 minutes of seminary in the wee hours of the morning. haha.
Missionary work is slower here and many people are satisfied with their life and arent interested in the added peace and hope that comes with the message we share. Finding people to talk to is very much different to London where we would walk around the campuses and say hello to people. Here, we’re mostly knocking on doors inviting people and y’know, sometimes it’s hard to stay cheery when people yell at you and slam doors in your face. You feel like public enemy number 1 when the federal crime you’ve committed is go “hi how are you?” oh well, at least you learn how to deal with rejection and take it with a smile right? 😀

The members are wonderful though and we get fed alot which is comforting to my soul but disastrous for my waistline. haha i’m thankful though because it balances out the difficulties we sometime face.
We went to the toronto temple a few days ago and as always the atmosphere you get when you go into any temple is amazing. Its such a refuge away from the world and its so quiet and peaceful inside you really can rejuvenate and be uplifted. I love it.

I hope everyone can find their happy place this week and find some time to take a step back from the world.

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