Transfer 8 Week 4 – Thanksgivi​ng!

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”. – Victor Hugo

Hello everyone!

Thanksgiving in Canada was on Monday so our preparation day got moved to today! It’ll be back to monday next week though. Anyway, how’s everyone doing? Thanksgiving was great. We met with a wonderful South African family for lunch where we had a taste and feel of South African culture. Following which, we went for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful to be in a midst of family. While not all of us can be with families during thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the nice people that welcome us into their home to celebrate a season of gratitude.

Things are starting to pick up here in Burlington and we are starting to fill up our days with people rather than activities and thats always welcome. There are more things to do, more people to see and more acts of service to give. We’re helping a wonderful lady move. Although she plagued with rheumatoid arthritis. She still wears a smile as we help her pack things into boxes for her big move to Scotland where her husband lives.

I talked to a construction worker the other day on the street. His hands were coarse, characteristic of his many years of hard manual labour. I commented that I wished I was a seasoned builder sometimes. He then asked me what i did, I answered that that I was a missionary and he replied.

“Then you’re always building something”

Such a simple sentence with such a profound meaning. May we always try to building or someone up each day by our words and actions.

Life’s good. I love you all! 🙂

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