Transfer 8 Week 5 – Big Fish

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  – Dr Seuss
Hi everyone!
It was such a busy week. Raking leaves have never been more fun though. Today we are going to play rugby on the mountain which overlooks the city.

Sometimes I feel like mission life is sort of like living in that Tim Burton movie Big Fish. We are the characters going from one surreal scene to another and meeting so many different and quirky people with so many different stories. I am beginning to understand why return missionaries have so many stories. I can hardly begin to describe a week; there will not be words for 24 months. It’s strange how time flies. I remember it seems like yesterday i was in Downtown Toronto laughing at the sights.


Leaves are a wonderful crimson and orange as the autumn wind blows down our backs.  Walking down the street the other day there was a man hacking down a dying tree so we gathered some leaves and brought them home with us. We now have a mason jar full of leaves in a myriad of fiery colours on our table. Also the other night we were walking and a small boy appeared out of nowhere and said, “see that huge bright star!? that’s Venus!” and he walked across the street and was gone. It made me happy though, because the star was bright and beautiful and I have been noticing the stars a lot here. In a place that is so different from anywhere I have lived with so little familiarity, its always comforting to have something familiar and constant. Whenever we are the planets are stars are there to look down on us and it’ll always be so.


Life’s good.


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