Transfer 8 Week 6 – Hello Halloween

Hey everyone!!
The week flew by! It was such a eye-opening week. We were talking to people in the park and we talked to this 20 year old girl who just moved to Canada from South Africa. Her family and her wanted a message of hope, we met them at their home the next day and it turned out that her father left their family to marry another man…It was super awkward because we didnt really know what to say. We talked of the trials and the atonement and we thankfully ended it off well. We’re seeing them again this week. I’m excited.
We have a lot of adventures trying to get into apartment buildings. Even when we have appointments with people it is really hard to get in sometimes and people usually dont want to let us. We spend time waiting in the lobby and hoping someone will come in or out and take pity on two friendly looking missionaries and let us in. One building we frequent for appointments has a secret backdoor by the dumpster that is sometimes propped open. Another building a Hungarian boy let us in and then shouted back the code, which we quickly wrote down for future reference. My favorite is Diana’s building.. We discovered that if we climb the fire escape ladder in the back to the second floor we can open the back door by crimping our fingers between the window and the bottom of the door. It’s maybe not as exciting as it sounds (does it sound exciting?) but I love it because I like to imagine that I’m rock climbing. ha small pleasures.
We had a halloween party at the church. We tried to be creative as possible and came dressed as Agent K and J from Men in Black. Decked out in suits and sunglasses and neon green nerf guns we found in our apartment we definitely made it look good. We arrived just in time for the “missionary mummy” game where we got wrapped in toilet paper and had to waddle around. Def something to brag about in the future.
Anyway, President Scott sent us this poem in the weekly emails and i thought share it with everyone!
“Which Are You?”
I watched them tear a building down; A gang of men in a busy town. With a mighty heave and a lusty yell, They swung a boom and a side wall fell.
I said to the foreman, “Are these men skilled As the men you’d hire if you had to build?” He gave me a laugh and said, “No indeed! Just a common laborer is all I need. And I can wreck in a day or two What it took the builder a year to do.”
And I thought to myself as I went my way, “Just which of these roles have I tried to play? Am I a builder who works with care Measuring life by the rule and square, Or am I a wrecker as I walk the town Content with the labor of tearing down?”
Food for thought.
Have a good week guys!
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