Transfer 9 Week 1 – Packing my bags (again),

I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces (not really), I’m movin on – Gary LeVox

And so a new transfer begins and I’m moving! Burlington was fun and it definitely was too short but I’m now headed to Barrie to experience a real Canadian winter..

The week was really fun though. We met alot of new people and helped out alot getting people ready for the winter. I also jumpstarted a car for the first time in my life this morning! Our car died because I, being the usual scatterbrain left the interior light on last night and it pretty much drained the battery. We tried to start the car this morning but that pretty much failed. I was pretty nervous i was going to fry myself jumpstarting the car but i thankfully managed to do it without much injury. heh #mechanicofthemonth

Being out here is so great. you learn so many things. I’ve come to realise there are external forces influencing the work. Whether it be for good or for evil there are unseen things around us. It gives me the goosebumps sometimes at night thinking about everything at play but i know that karma really exists too and good things happen to good people! (most of the time).
Canadians have an accent, which mostly I don’t think I’ve picked up yet, but it is fun to note. I had noticed that they say our s(aw)rry like s(oh)rry and our b(a)g like b(ay) and our ag(eh)n like ag(ay)n… but I made a fun new discovery:  They also say our dragon like dr(AY!)gon! ha. It made me laugh. Maybe i’ll be fully canadianized one day eh?
Saw a really sweet quote by Robert Woodruff on life the other day
The five most important words are these: I am proud of you.

The four most important words are these: What is your opinion?

The three most important words are these: If you please.

The two most important words are these: Thank you.

The most important word is this: Love

The least most important word is this: I

I love all these little quotes cause it makes me learn so much. Have a great week! i’ll let you know how Barrie’s like next week


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