Transfer 9 Week 3 – 365!

And we’ve only got a hundred years to live .

Tu du ben!

Man, Portugese is such a facinating language. I’ve been dreaming of chuhascurra 
Time really does fly (for me anyway). It’s been a good year filled with ups and downs but overall i enjoyed it immensely. I’ve met people from over a hundred countries and people i will consider my friends for the rest of my life. Sometimes i even think to myself that I dont want to go home as honestly being out here is such a different life from life. You learn to care about others more and you learn to turn outward when sometimes the natural instinct is to look inward. It really builds character. I am starting to see why it’s difficult to leave. Its pretty much leaving a life that has taken 2 years to build behind in the dust for good. It’s tough! I refuse to think about it yet though. 
It so happened we had exchanges on that day where i had hit my year mark. E.Fielding, the new assistant came to Barrie with us for a day. We had Baconators at Wendys to celebrate 🙂 Yes, nutritionists are probably shaking their heads but it was really good. :3
We had a funny experience this week. We met Jessica, a 19 old year girl and we were at her house with Al (a 70-something year old recent convert) sharing a message. We were about to leave her home when her mom came home and looked at us, looked at Al and went…”AL?” 
Haha turns out Al used to try and date her when she was younger. haha Such a small world. 
Its gonna be a good week! Many things are happening. 
Stay healthy, safe and well! 
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