Transfer 9 Week 4 – Hello Snow, GET THE FLUFF OUT and life lessons learnt

I’m dreaming of a whiteeee christmaaaas

Hello everyone!
i hope everyone is starting to feel the Christmas spirit as it creeps around the corner. For me, with the buckets of snow being dumped on us in Barrie and listening to Josh Groban singing carols in the car, i’m more than ready for the most wonderful time of the year. 
We had such a busy week. We went to Oshawa for a leadership training and we had a discourse by the mission president. He gave a seminar on the difference between motivation and discipline. He noted that everytime we went to various seminars or training or even after watching videos and reading articles, we get so motivated to go out and change our lives. But he noted that many of us do not have the discipline to keep this motivation high as time passes by. He compared it to a fire. Being motivated is to start the fire burning within us and being discipline keeps the fire burning. It was really neat and it really motivated me to cultivate that discipline to keep doing the things i need to be doing. 
Funny story, during that training, he also told us to eliminate fluff from our reports. Without thinking he said “Get the FLUFF out!” and for those who werent listening, it sound like he was swearing. haha it made for a hilarious moment. 
We had a mad weekend. There was a blizzard here and we had so much snow. I foolishly tried to run up a slope and so quickly slipped and went tumbling down to a snowpile. sigh 🙂 Its -15 today and its only “autumn” so i have no idea what winter brings. the Barrie folk says it goes to -35 and snowbanks go as high as my shoulder……joy. 
We met a friend of ours who has been meeting with us for a while. We helped her shovel her driveway which was buried in snow. She’s had a pretty rough life, she was raped at 12 and 15 and had kids both times and she recently has been diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time. She’s trying to get out of a marriage with a schizophrenic husband and is pretty much all over the place. Its hard to understand why such bad things happen to good people and its hard to accept reason but it just makes me grateful for the life i’m given and it helps me have a wider perspective of things and the social plight that some people have. It amazes me that people that still are able to trudge on. I’m sure they are sick of it and i’m certain that they sometimes dont want to be the “strong” one but i have so much respect for them because they, in spite of everything make me a better, more appreciative person.
Will i have met such people if i didnt come out here? Probably not. Life’s good. 
Hope everyone has a great week! Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! 😀
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