Transfer 9 Week 5 – Thanksgivi​ng (again), HAPPYBIRTH​DAY

This week flew by! It felt like only last week i was sitting here typing an email. The week kicked off with us heading down tp Brampton for Mission Leadership Council. The mission president expounded more on what constituted motivation and discipline. Things such as how motivation is about starting something while discipline is about finishing, discipline is about acting while motivation is being acted upon. Motivation is the “gate” while discipline is the “path” It was an hour discourse and It was really good and motivated (haha) me to have the discipline to change. We ended on time as well which was nice.  

Transfers are in 2 weeks and everyone there was pretty excited. Everyone feels there’s gonna be a lot of changes especially in the Zone Leader areas because many of us have been in areas for 4-5 transfers. Its going to be exciting. I have a feeling im going to be in chinese work sometime again. 
Also, this week is Mom and Dad’s birthday! HAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so happy for all the support and love that you have shown. I love you so much and im looking forward to talking to you soon!!!
American thanksgiving was this week and we got fed at the Smiths! It was awesome. funny how a year ago i was in the states.. it goes by so quickly its hard to believe.  We had a wonderful time and such close associations are always something to treasure. 
We were walking down Cundles Street. Its my favourite street because it reminds me of cuddles street and we walked past a little kid shovelling snow. As he walked him we heard him mumble “I’m barricading my Mum in so she cant take me shopping”
What joy. 
Have a wonderful week!
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