Transfer 9 Week 6 – CHRISTMAST​IMEEEE

It’s beginning to look alot like christmas~


Great week! We met Javid who works for Nike Canada. He’s originally from Azerbaijan and lived in Oregon and now he’s posted to Canada for work. He wanted to give us 20 pairs of shoes but they were 2 sizes too small. haha pity. His 4 year old daughter is the cutest and is the biggest fan of Harry Potter. She has a list of spells that hangs from the ceiling to the floor. its awesome.  
We watched the Christmas devotional broadcast from Utah. It was really good and the music was fantastic. Something cool that i heard was that true happiness comes by making others happy. and its so true! I feel that whenever you help someone and even when you do small gestures, you simply feel wonderful inside 😀
Something new we’ve been doing to make life more interesting this week is to create ads and awareness for the christmas party thats happening. We created tons of flyers and posters and we’re sticking them up all over barrie. We used to do it in toronto and its a blast from the past to start blitzing all over again.  
It really is easy to see how love liberates everything especially doing the christmas season. People are happy (most of the time) and one can really feel the wonderful season in the air. Something that i want to work on is to really live. To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people simply exist. There’s so much wonderful things thats happening in the world, but we’re so used to seeing them we just call them ordinary things. 
I love christmas! 
You should too! 😀 
Have a wonderful week! its supposed to reach -19 this week! wish me luck!
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