Transfer 10 Week 1 – Still in Barrie, Christmas Party, ITSSOCOLD

We can light it up, so they cant put it out 

Hi there everyone! 

Its a new transfer and I’m staying in Barrie! We had a fun week. There was a Christmas party at the church this week and it was themed Christmas around the world! So along with your usual turkey and taters we had tacos and springrolls and yorkshire pudding and all kinds of treats from everywhere! It really reflected the diversity that Canada has. 
We also had to sing a christmas carol. We sang Angels we have heard of high in English, Spanish and French. Hahaha. it took a lot of practice and courage but i think we did pretty well. (I have a video of us singing, haha write me a letter and i might let you see it 🙂
Sudesh had us over for dinner this week. He intends to open up a Caribbean restaurant sometime next summer and he has us over as his guinea pigs to sample his food. He makes crazy hot sauce. There’s this sauce he had us try that was 357,000 scoville units. I literally put only one drop on my tongue and i couldnt feel my mouth for the next 10 minutes. It was insane. E.Fielding had liberal amounts and he had a fever that night. 
E. Snow also finished his mission this week. He was so so distraught. It made me so sad to watch him struggle to come to terms with the fact that he is going home. To the unfamiliar, its really hard to understand why it’s difficult to leave. One might think with the lifestyle that we are having, we would be so happy to go home to movies and everything but while we look forward to see our families and friends, its also realising that we are leaving our life behind. The friendships that we make for 2 years are gone and we might never see the people again for the rest of our lives. The positive changes we see in ourselves have impacted us so much. We are more disciplined and really figure out whats important and know our priorities and its really frightening to think that we might fall back into being a sloth and lazy and not knowing whats important in life. Obviously I haven’t personally gone through it but i can only imagine the difficulty it is adjusting back to technology and the pressure of work, education and social norms that comes with normal life. Its always harder adjusting back than it is adjusting to. 
Anyway, we had a “funeral” for him to commemorate the end of his mission life. It was so funny. It really made a perfect picture moment. 
In other news, its -20 today and with the windchill its -30 :D. Its dumping snow in Barrie and im having so much fun.. Snowball fight later! 
Have a great week! Christmas is coming! yay! 
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